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Machining / Trimming

Cutting Waterjet


    • Numerous options to select from for cell configurations, such as cantilever, T-column (wall mount), overhead gantry or simple floor mount cells.
    • Be supplied with single, dual, triple or quad robot configurations, with a complete UHP plumbing package, from pump to nozzle.
    • Can cut through virtually any material, without the use or creation of noxious gases, liquids or hazardous by-products.
    • The addition of garnet to the water stream will provide you with the ability to cut hard materials such as metals, composites, stone & glass.
    • Ultra-high pressure precision cutting solution for turbine blades, blisks, composite structures or other complex parts cutting & trimming.
    • Turbine parts: Certain features of titanium, titanium aluminide, Inconel, stainless steel, composite turbine parts are clean and easy to cut with thickness (12"/300mm) and fine shape (1mm radius) without thermal deformation and stress.
    • Maximize the material utilization is high by 3D cutting and high-precision nesting and could recycle the large size loss parts.
    • Use only pure water excluding heat or chemicals.
    • Cut into various sizes or pieces while maintaining strict food safety standards
    • Working on products such as meat and confectionery in a clean environment free of contaminants
    • Cutting solution for titanium implant shape rough cut
    • Trimming solutions for in-vehicle material processing, such as carpets and instrument panels, head liners, trunk liners, soundproofing materials and dash boards

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