TOPS is an engineering company that provides advanced process soltuions.




As a member of Shape technologies group, TOPS Co.,Ltd is an process auotmation company providing advanced process solution of industry 4.0. Tops is proud to be a Shape Technologies Group Company.

Shape Technologies Group, Inc. (SHAPE) delivers innovative manufacturing process solutions to customers spanning 100 countries and a broad array of industries. As the world leading provider and inventor of waterjet, SHAPE has become a strategic ecosystem of companies providing material processing and surface preparation, automated assembly, robotic motion systems, material handling, software, process control, aftermarket parts, and comprehensive support to our customers.

Core value

  • Smart
  • Simple
  • Reliable
Since 1999With 90+ employeesThrough 4,000+ automation project experiences


  • 10companies
  • 17countries23cities

There are 10 affiliates in 23 cities in 17 countries at home and abroad.


  • TOPS90+
  • Group1,300+

More than 90 TOPS employees and 1,300 employees in the group work.

Production Plants

  • Ronneby, Sweden
    3.700 m² 74 employees Waterjet, Laser
  • Auburn Hills, USA
    9.000 m² 109 employees Waterjet, Laser, Router, MH
  • Burlington, Canada
    5.600 m² 83 employees Custom Assembly Equipment
  • Busan South, Korea
    10.000 m² 90 employees Custom Process Equipment

Shape Group

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