Process Automation

TOPS services the most suitable process automation solution for you.



    • Provides RobotStudio with unique add-on software modules for faster and more accurate programming
    • Based on EysayFineTune: Minimize the amount of programming commands for the entire program, make it easy to fine-tune and easily adjust programs.
    • AccuFind : Part detection technology uses IR sensors to detect parts position and automatically adjust robot paths.
    • Easy program calibration with WorkObject-Method
    • Safe and ergonomic work environment with safety features (light curtain or scanner) fitted option
    • Vacuum fixture technology according to process: protect parts and remove dust and chips from process
    • Comprehensive PLC and HMI programming shiftware library maintenance (Rockwell (Allen Bradley), Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi, ABB, GE)
    • Solution Applies the latest vision, barcode, RFID, motion control technologies suitable for the solution
    • Integrate process and enterprise software

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