Process Automation

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Machining / Trimming
    • Router trimming from small to large parts
    • Material ranges from soft plastics to composite material to CFRP
    • Ideal for trimming thermoformed, blowmolded, injection molded and rotational molded automotive, agricultural, and consumer goods products, among others.
    • Parts can range from medical devices to refrigerator panels to complete boats
    • The router bit can cut thick material cleanly without any burr remains.
    • Enables trimming of complex 3D parts that cannot be processed by a press or CNC router
    • RouterVac technology: Vacuum fixture technology protects parts and removes dust and chips generated during router trimming.
    • Trimming method suitable for materials such as glass fiber, poly propylene, composite, poly carbonate, gel coat and FRP, low pressure molded poly propylene, vinyl, acrylic, wood, and SMC
    • Various spindles (up to 10 hp) and options(auto tool change, single or double end) are available to ensure desired cutting quality and cycle time.
    • Collision Guard : Protects robots and fixtures in the event of a collision
    • Ethernet remote manageability

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