Process Automation

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Machining / Trimming


    • Fully automated aluminum extrusion pickup, drilling, and marking
    • Various part types and profiles in single cell with minimal changeover time due to automatic robot tooling change
    • Multiple compound angle cuts and drilled holes with repeatable accuracy of 0.25mm or better
    • Optimal End-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) fitting for drilling conditions
    • Dynamically adjust tool offset and other parameters during drilling operations
    • Comprehensive support for a variety of drilling operations
    • Speed production and reduce labor costs
    • Applied Industries: All industries where composite materials are used, such as aerospace, defense, automobiles, ships, etc.
    • Laminated material hole machining, such as CFRP, aluminum composite, titanium
    • Turnkey solution for OPB (one piece barrel) for Leap engines (robot cell, tooling fixture and parts drilling program)

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