Process Automation

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    • Efficiently remove a large range of coatings and all kind of substance without damage to the substrate.
    • Typical applications can be: thermal barriers, dimensional spray, anti fretting plasma spray, abradable, scale and oxides, paint, glues, rubber type coating and carbonaceous deposits.
    • Fully automated robotic stripping system for aircraft engine components & semiconductor vance parts.
    • Not requiring hazardous chemicals which boosts safety and also minimized disposal problems.
    • Enclosed in a sound dampening room. (complete with mist extraction & water collection/filtration system)
    • A six axis robotic manipulator works in harmony with a rotary turn table to strip surface coatings without damaging or distorting on the base material.
    • Chip cleaning and cutting oil removal of machined metal parts
    • Deburring metal, composite or plastic parts
    • Casting parts core removal
    • Removal of carbonaceous deposits and plasma coatings on metal surfaces
    • Forgings: Precise and eco-friendly removal of burrs (flash), lubricant, and alpha case surface contamination that occur when manufacturing high-strength metal parts such as turbine blades or landing gear without damaging the base material
    • Aviation engine parts: Turbine blades and combustor liners that require thermal barrier coatings, etc.
    • Quickly remove coatings to repair, extend life, improve engine performance, etc. of spray coated parts in a variety of ways to prevent wear and corrosion
    • Casting parts: After the casting process is completed, the ceramic shell and core shaped around are efficiently removed by an automated process (No manual work)
    • Deburring solutions for power train components such as diesel injectors
    • Stable and cost effective removal of soft or hard (tungsten, titanium, copper, etc.) deposits in the chamber by semiconductor wafer PVD, CVD, ECD, ALD deposition processes
    • It is an eco-friendly process that does not emit contaminants, and removes all types of coatings (metal & alloy, ceramic, carbide, polymer, etc.) in a single process.
    • Automation solutions for removal processes such as titanium implant gate removal and ceramic shell knockout

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